Vamp is a small bat frustated living in community in a skyscraper on construction.

His eating habits are simple : mosquitos at every meal !

Apart from this special food, the litte creature is agile, nervous and reckless.

It is also very selfish and downright dirty.

Rouss is a tall bat, a little crazy and clumsy. She lives alone in the subway tunnels,

As far as mosquitos that she fears more than anything.

Particulary attentive to her environment and her lifestyle, her diet is strictly vegetarian.



Created by | Max Maleo & Aurélien Predal

Director | Max Maleo

Art director | Aurélien Predal

Producers | Pierre Razetto & Dimitri Cohen Tanugi

Written by | Max Maleo, Aurélien Predal, Pierre Razetto, Dimitri Cohen Tanugi

Head of Production | Alexis Laffaille



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